Remote Control Universal Garage Door Fob Keyring cloning 433MHz


Remote Control Universal Garage Door Fob Keyring cloning 433MHz



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Easy to use, the 4-channel remote control system allows you to take control of your devices: car, home and garage.

This is not a complete list! If your remote uses the 433MHZ frequency, it will work with the remote duplicator (note: remote controls with code will not work).

The IC model of the original remote control is 2262 2260 1527 2240 and compatible IC.

The battery used in the product is 27 A and 12 V, please replace the battery when the distance of the remote control is insufficient. Click on up to 4 remote signals from 4 different remote controls.

With this remote control, you can control all 433MHz fixed code keyrings.

Some remote controls that use this frequency are listed below.4-Wireless RF remote control duplicator for cars, garage doors, access doors, alarm systems, etc.

It is a fixed-frequency remote cloner (433 mhz) for copying fixed-code and common learning remote controls.


Package weight: 33g

Size: 55 mm x 28 mm x 14 mm


Operating frequency: 433MHz

Powered by 27A 12V battery (included)

Channel 4

Distance: up to 100 meters

Application: Duplicate your existing remote controllers

Application example 1: vehicle central locking systems

Application example 2: access control system for garage doors

Application example 3: electronic access control system to the floodgates

Application example 4: control of electrical appliances

Application example 5: control of solar roofs

Application example 6: control of heating systems

Application example 7: light switch

Reset before copying: press two keys when copying the remote control at the same time until the LED flashes, indicating that the reset was successful. After restart, press the remote control key and the LED will turn off.

Copy: place the product correctly before copying. Place the original remote control and copy the remote control to the desktop. Use the right hand to press the remote copy control until the LED turns on and off, indicating that it enters the copy state. Use your left hand to press the key of the original remote control. The quick click of the LED on the remote control indicates successful copying. The copy method is the same as for several keys.


This product can copy the remote control with the following chip inside: PT2264, PT2262, PT2260, PT2240, SC2262, SC2260, EV1527, SCT527, HS1527, HS2240, SCL1527, FP1527. If you can not copy with the proper operation, you may need to verify if your device has a compatible chip.

If the IC chips can not match, they will not be copied, check the chip model before buying.

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