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  • Wireless Adapter USB WiFi Dongle 600Mbps Card Router Network Antenna 5dBi


    Use 11N wireless technology, the wireless transmission speed of up to 600Mbps, so that online video, online games, video chat and other high-bandwidth requirements of network applications are more smooth, and it also makes data transmission over LAN more efficient.
    2. Well compatible with conventional IPTV set-top box, Internet TV, media player and other equipments.
    3. It can not only be used for ordinary desktop and laptop computers, but also compatible with IPTV set-top boxes, Internet TVs, media players and other devices.
    4. Smooth AP function and easy wireless LAN establishment.
    5. Without the AP of the wireless router, the network card will be inserted into the computer and it will switch to the access point (AP) mode. So it is equivalent to a wireless access point, which can support multiple computers or WIFI devices to share Wi-Fi.

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