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Category: Nintendo Wii

Little Nightmares II (Switch) Review

The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had. Little Nightmares’ release intrigued a player base coming off the heels of similar experiences in Limbo and Inside with its deeper descent into the macabre in genuinely nightmarish fashion. Focusing on a purer form of horror, while maintaining the dialogue-free, environmental storytelling, Little… …

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Mail Mole (Switch) Review

Like if 3D World had a Monty Mole mode. If you’ve ever sat around playing a 3D Mario game, thinking to yourself, “I sure do wish Monty Mole had his own game,” then Mail Mole might be for you. Mail Mole is a 3D platformer in much the same vein as Super Mario 3D World. …

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Taxi Chaos (Switch) Review

Do taxi games require a particular soundtrack to be fun? As it turns out, YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH. The original great taxi game first hit the streets in 1999, and now that Sega can’t file patent suits over it, the door’s open to try and recreate the magic of Crazy Taxi. The newest Switch …

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Review: Citizens Unite!: Earth x Space (Nintendo Switch)

The developers at Eden Industries have done something pretty cool with their games Citizens of Earth and Citizens of Space. Instead of just porting the games onto the Nintendo Switch (and pretending we all have enough money to pay for the same game multiple times), they’ve merged the two storylines together, thus creating; Citizens Unite!: …

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